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how to stop being normal, average or ordinary

by becoming extraordinary 

Even when the world is actively hacking you

Learn the SECRETS to Reaching Your Goals, Living Your Dream and Enjoying an Extraordinary Life.
The Unhackable Human Summit
November 17-19, 2020
The Largest FREE BECOME UNHACKABLE Summit Ever...
Join 20+ Experts providing State-of-the-Art Information for Reaching Your Goals, Living Your Dream and Enjoying An Extraordinary Life

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Reason 1

You were born EXTRAORDINARY and just need some help to realize your unique strengths, talents and even weaknesses.

Reason 2

So you can Break The Barriers that are trying to keep you normal, average or ordinary.  It is time to take your next step to Being EXTRAORDINARY.

Reason 3

Give you back CONTROL of your life as you receive the Tools to help you reach your goals, live your dream and find that Extraordinary Life.
Kary Oberbrunner

Best Selling Author, Publisher, Coach & International Speaker

Daphne V Smith

Author, Speaker & Coach
"The Wave Maker"

Kirsten Samuel

Coach, Author & Ghostwriter

Doug Fitzgerald

Best Selling Author, CEO, Speaker, & Coach

Renee Vidor

The Winners Circle Coach, Speaker, & Author

Sandy Brantley

Author, Coach & Speaker
"The Duck Wrangler"

Chellie Phillips

Career Brand Strategist, Speaker & Award Winning Author

Betty Jewel Slater

Award Winning Film Producer, Coach, Speaker, Author & Actor

Niccie Kliegl

Life and Business Coach, Speaker & Author

Valerie Nifora

Award Winning Author, Poet & Coach

Christina Semmens

Roman Catholic Author, Speaker, Coach & Podcast Host

Vicki Terrill

Career Exploration Guide & Unhackable Coach

Kristen Marie Ross

Author, Choose Life Coach & Unhackable Coach

Cheri Dotterer

Dysgraphia Consultant, Author, Speaker & Coach

Faye Bryant

Author, Speaker & Coach

Tasha Madison

Award Winning Author, Coach & Communication Specialist

Nanette O'Neal

Author, Speaker, Storyteller & Coach

Noelle Pikus-Pace

2014 Silver Medalist in Skeleton, 2X Olympian, 26X World Cup Medalist, 2X World Champion, Author, Speaker

Lisa Thompson Moser

Former Miss Ohio, Mrs Ohio and Mrs International. Also an Author, Coach & Speaker

Day 1
Nov 17th
Become Unhackable
  • Be Unhackable In Work & Life
    Kary Oberbrunner

  • Anything Is PossibleValerie Nifora
  • How To Connect to Abundance Kristen Marie Ross

  • The Unhackable StudentVicki Terrill
  • Strategies For Helping Handwriting Problems in Highschool and CollegeCheri Dotterer
  • 3 Essential Hacks To Experience Freedom, Fulfillment and HappinessChristina Semmens
  • The Daily Choices of A Hero -- Based on The Lives of Historic Figures
    Betty Jewell Slater
Day 2
Nov 18th
The Power Within You
  • The Power of Self-Talk -- Stop Bullying Yourself! Lisa Thompson Moser
  • Guarding Your Heart and Mind Kirsten Samuel
  • Stop Comparison By Being The Extraordinary You Renee Vidor
  • Choosing A Career Path That Is Right For YouChellie Phillips
  • The Ultimate Success Formula -- Financial IntelligenceDoug Fitzgerald
  • You Are God's Masterpiece -- Even If You Don't Feel Like It!Faye Bryant
  • Build Your Power Over Bullying
    Sandy Brantley (The Duck Wrangler)
Day 3
Nov 19th
You Are Extraordinary
  • Your Hero's Secret MessageNanette O'Neal

  • Finding Your True SelfTasha Madison
  • Living Out Your CallNiccie Kliegl

  • A Wave Maker Understanding Who You Are and Whose You Are And How That Keeps You Grounded Instead of Getting You Grounded.Daphne V Smith (The Wave Maker)
  • Reaching Your Goals and Living Your Dream
    Noelle Pikus-Pace

  • Be Concordant and Live An Extraordinary Life?Dr Brandt R Gibson
Dr Brandt  R Gibson is a physician, author, coach and speaker who has spent nearly 25 years working with youth and young adults including his 11 children (12 with his sweet daughter in law).  In this time working with them he noticed they often failed to recognize just how Extraordinary they truly are.   Therefore he started his new mission:

"[to empower] individuals to BECOME Extraordinary by overcoming fear, clarifying who they are and BECOMING both CONCORDANT in their strengths, talents and weaknesses and UNHACKABLE in their daily choices so they can Live An Extraordinary Life."

Dr Gibson's greatest passion is for his amazing wife, his children and being a a fun grandson.
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